Everyone of us are here in our 3rd dimensional form. Beyond this 3rd dimensional form exists several higher dimensions which very few of us are aware of. The Akashic Records is part of the 5th dimensional aspect where every soul's story is stored. This is a library, and an energetic information database that resides outside of time and space. 

Imagine the availability of all the information about your soul from your previous birth to the many before that. This is now possible with the accessing of your Akashic Records. The reason for your present birth, the gifts endowed to you by the Universe and the lessons you should learn as well as avoid will all become comprehensive as soon as you delve into your Akashic Records. This is a journey like none other and once you embark on this, you see your life as well as everyone connected to you from a different dimension. 

Everyone one of us are connected as we all came from the same Source- the Great Universe. I hope to be able to provide you with the marvellous insight of how you are connected to all around you & to the Universe.